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  • Choirboys

It’s intoxicating.  A six-pack like no other… Evocative…Sensuous… A real pub rock, revival!

On a hot summer’s evening, with the cicada crescendo echoing over Sydney suburbia, a new wave of music was about to go global.


The only radio station was the tinny 2SM, and they played a song from an unknown band out of the US: A band with an odd name and an unforgettable sound.

Creedence Clearwater Revival.

And they were about to influence those who would become a household name in Australia, the Choirboys.

From frontman Mark Gable:

“I was in the backyard of my family home. The radio was on and what drifted out the back windows was Green River by Creedence. I was instantly in love with this song and the band that created it. Like the millions of things we do in our lives that are mundane, boring and forgotten I have no idea what I was doing in the backyard at that time, but when I heard CCR that day it embedded that moment forever in my mind; the sky, the colour of the house, and even the paint peeling off the back railings…”

Choirboys authentic pub rock icons, have given us a swag of enduring Australian pub rock anthems such as Run To Paradise, Boys Will Be Boys, Never Gonna Die and more.  The lads have embarked on a new venture to bring us the 6 pack of classic hits. Recorded and performed in their own inimitable style.

This first six pack is an indulgence.....homage ......acknowledgment.....a salute to six of the best songs from Creedence Clearwater Revival. Not only have Choirboys recorded these hits but they have decided to take them to a small number of selected venues for the full live experience - loud sweat driven, gritty and in your face

Long Live CCR and Choirboys.

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