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Have Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus officially lost their mind? Based on recent top secret training sessions it would seem so, and Australia is set to reap the rewards of this insanity.

Following on from the successful launch of the brand new FMX Next Level ramp on the 2018 World Tour, Pastrana has proven once again that progression of action sports is all that matters to him.

Not content with the all new FMX set up, Pastrana and some of the best action sports athletes in the world have just finished another round of testing at Pastranaland, and have created not one, but two new ramps, which will make their worldwide debut in Australia, in February 2019, on the YOU GOT THIS Stadium Tour.

Both new ramps, one for Gigant-a-Ramp, and one for FMX, as well as the FMX Next Level ramp, are now literally too big for indoors arenas, meaning the 2019 tour of Australia will be hosted by Etihad Stadium, Suncorp Stadium and Sydney’s Spotless Stadium.

These will be the biggest 3 shows in Nitro Circus history, as Pastrana pushes the best of the best in FMX, BMX and skate to their absolute limits, on the biggest, and scariest ramps in action sports.

Don’t miss your chance to see this madness. Register your interest, to be first in line for tickets, when they go on pre-sale, on Monday July 16th.