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For accessible seating tickets, please complete and submit the form below and a Ticketmaster representative will contact you to complete the arrangement.
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Accessible seating areas are solely for disabled persons and their companions.
By purchasing an accessible seating ticket through Ticketmaster, you agree to the following: The ticket will be used only by a person with a disability and his/her companion. A ticket holder may be denied entry to, or removed from, the accessible seating area if he or she is not disabled or the legitimate companion. If this occurs, the venue shall have no obligation to provide alternate seating. If Ticketmaster or the event provider believes, in its sole discretion, that your order violates or may violate this policy, Ticketmaster may cancel your order without notice.

Ticketmaster, on behalf of its clients, strives to make it as easy as possible to purchase accessible seating tickets for venues across the country. Most venues offer accessible seating areas to accommodate their guests. Availability and type of accessible seating tickets will vary based on each venue's policies and/or the type of event taking place. Note: Venues are solely responsible for establishing their own accessible seating ticket policies. Some venues sell all or a portion of their accessible seating tickets only through their box office and not through Ticketmaster.

Order your tickets by phone or request accessible seating tickets online by filling out and submitting the form above. Ticketmaster aims to process online requests for accessible seating tickets as soon as they are received, but heavy volume can result in delays. So, while you may receive an e-mail from a Ticketmaster e-care specialist within minutes after you have received the auto-acknowledgement, it could take longer (in rare instances more than an hour) before the e-care specialist contacts you. Once the e-care specialist does contact you, he or she will work with you to process and complete your request (subject, of course, to ticket availability).

For help with problems or other inquiries, Ticketmaster customer service representatives are available 8am - 9pm (in each US time zone).